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Ingrid Lustig is a painter living in Bend. She has lived in the High Desert region of Oregon since 1990 and in other parts of the West throughout her adult life.


Deeply connected to the native flora and fauna of the western landscape, her art centers on the land’s colors, shapes, animals, and its powerful sense of “place.” She says, “I believe the land and its living beings become a part of who we are on many levels: physical, spiritual, and psychological.”

Because of her affinity for wild animals, especially predators, Ingrid worked in the wildlife conservation field as a young woman, including three years as director of a pet wolf rescue center in the California Sierras. The time spent caring and advocating for wolves has given her a life-long connection to them and other wild animals.

Ingrid works primarily on wood panel with acrylics and graphite pencil. Color is as important as the images to convey meaning. Using the fast-drying properties of acrylics to her advantage, she paints quickly and transforms “mistakes” into new opportunities. “I want to keep the energy moving in my work, so the images look like they are still in the process of being created even when they are finished.”

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